A Green Economy For Cornwall

Cornwall is unique:- It has a unique climate - surrounded by oceans, with above average sunshine, wind and rain.  A unique geology - totally different from the rest of the UK mainland providing rare minerals such as copper, tin and lithium not found in other parts of the country.

Most importantly its people have developed a unique culture based on the land, traditions and language of Cornish residents whose history predates most of England.

Cornwall’s advantages of climate, geology and culture have for too long been ignored and frittered away by a combination of greed and ignorance at both national and local level. National governments have had little concept or understanding of Cornwall’s needs.

Cornwall Council has become synonymous with the protection of the interests of the landed and the wealthy at the expense of the Cornish people.  Our manifesto sets out to reverse that and create new democratic institutions to reflect the needs of the majority.

The application of Conservative-Liberal ideology has left us as one of the poorest regions of Northern Europe.  Cornwall is blighted with sub-standard and inadequate housing side by side with millionaire coastal developments.

More than 30,000 children live in poverty. Cornwall has the lowest wage levels in the country.  Large tracts of land are owned by a handful of families.

This “manifesto” is an attempt to address the inequalities of today’s Cornwall by radical policies, which are truly Cornish solutions to Cornish problems.

It follows the tradition set by the Labour manifesto of 1945, “Let Us Face the Future”, which called for, “the establishment of the Socialist Commonwealth of Great Britain – free, democratic, efficient, progressive, public-spirited, its material resources organised in the service of the British people”.  Our aim is to establish a Socialist Cornwall as part of that Commonwealth of Great Britain.

We will put the resources of Cornwall to the service of the people of Cornwall by:

Harnessing the solar and wind and thermal energy along with Cornwall’s lithium to ensure a Carbon neutral Cornwall by 2025 with energy distribution under locally controlled public ownership

Providing access to a digital infrastructure which can support new technologies and a smart energy network

Reaping the benefits of our clean water by taking South West Water back into public ownership

Introducing a new tax on tourism to ensure that visitors make a fair contribution to the maintenance of the beauty they have come to enjoy

Bringing the assets and income of the Duchy of Cornwall under local, democratic control, so its wealth can be used for the benefit of all

Re-Building Britain

Cornwall urgently needs a Green economy.  This will be achieved by investing in new technologies and infrastructure.  No project should be agreed by Cornwall Council unless it is carbon neutral.

We should press the government, and local authorities, to invest in the Regions through Regional Investment Banks.  Cornwall needs a bespoke solution - a Cornwall Investment Bank funded as a Regional Investment Bank.  The Cornwall Investment Bank would be responsible for the investment of the Cornwall Pension Fund (£1.75 billions).

Government should renationalise the energy distributors and support local initiatives.  In Cornwall we believe we could lead the country in being carbon neutral by establishing a smart network.

With a Cornwall smart network Cornwall could be self sufficient in energy with a Cornwall based energy distributor.