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Will the war against Covid-19 end the same way as most wars, with refugees evacuated by helicopter from embassy roofs even as the politicians declare victory?

By Graham Smith The bellicose rhetoric surrounding the Covid-19 Coronavirus crisis has reminded me of how I came to take up journalism, nearly half a century ago. The daily barrage of words such as the “war” on the invisible virus, with doctors, nurses and care workers battling on the frontline, puts me in mind of the Vietnam war.  Like many hacks of my generation, it was the pioneering way in…

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Covid-19: A postcard from Midwich, village of the damned

By Graham Smith It might be nearly 600 years since Niccolo Machiavelli first suggested that we should never waste the opportunity offered by a good crisis, but his words have never been truer than they are today. With more than a quarter of Cornwall’s population effectively under house arrest, now is an excellent moment to reflect on how we got here, and where we go from here, assuming we live…

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When Truro sneezes, the rest of Cornwall catches a cold. Get yourself to County Hall on 11th March and stand up for our National Health Service

By Pat Richens The withdrawal of overnight NHS services at Stratton MIU for the second time in a year is a real blow to its 36,000 potential users in and around Bude.  For us, it’s much more than the nighttime closure of a minor injuries/minor illnesses unit. Stratton Community Treatment Centre – as the centre was called between 10pm and 8am – supplied the only emergency service within an hour’s…

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Could you be our next Police and Crime Commissioner? There are only 97 campaigning days to go

By Graham Smith As one door closes, so another one opens.  Who would like to talk about a forthcoming election?  Don’t all rush at once. In a little over three months, the citizens of Cornwall will get the chance to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner.  OK, so we have to share this high office with Devon – but it is a curious object in our political landscape and the…

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Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats: flogging a dead horse?

By Phil Kerridge As we enter a new decade, the future of the Liberal Democrats as a political force in Cornwall is doubtful to say the least. For three general elections they have won no seats. Only in St Ives are they serious challengers. That may change once former MP Andrew George steps aside from the fray. Next time Labour will start best placed to gain seats: in Truro/Falmouth and…

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Could there be a Red-Green Alliance in Cornwall by next year?

By Graham Smith “You may say I’m a dreamer,” he said, “but I’m not the only one.  I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” The words were of course very familiar, but the context was not.  It was easily the best speech made at the Labour Party conference that year, and it not only got a standing ovation, it left many of the…

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What can we do about Our Friends In The North?

By Graham Smith In America, sociologists have for nearly 100 years tried to understand what they mean by “white trash.”  It’s a derogatory term applied to poor, white people who mostly self-define as “working class” but who actually are often unemployed. They have quite a history, dating at least from the 1920s’ depression and the subsequent migration of farm labourers from the dust-bowl mid-west to California.  Californians sneered at them,…

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Could you be the catalyst that sparks the revolution? Or just another inmate in a long-term institution?

By Graham Smith It happened in a coffee shop in Bude, just before lunchtime yesterday.  A bunch of old Lefties, picking ourselves up after last month’s general election.  A couple of large, strong Americanos later and we now have an editorial board.  Sort of.  We would like to find more people who might be interested. We are all struggling to find within ourselves any enthusiasm about the current Labour Party…